26 November 2013


What can I say about bees.

Barry the bee man who has been a beekeeper all his life has few words about them. He is still learning and surprised and intrigued.
Barry used to bring us bee hives every spring for our apple orchard pollination. We would pay him to bring them for a few months and then he would take them back, actually take them somewhere warmer for winter as he reckons they don't do too well here over the cold wet months. A few years ago I thought it would be a good idea if they moved in here permanently.

So we now have a few hundred thousand bees.

We are just beginners and are trying to learn as much as we can about a society that is so extremely complex that the more we learn the more our minds boggle. I think the reality is that we can never really understand what is going on

We listen and read and learn. 

Here we are checking the hives, and putting a new box on top of each one with a queen excluder between so that we can hopefully share some of their honey toward the end of summer. 

Oh by the way as part of my helicopter hobby I've also got a GoPro camera recently, and am loving it. This was all shot on this tiny little camera that can go anywhere.

Do you love bees?
Do you love honey?
Do you love GoPos?

Farmer Bren.


Asparagus Pea said...

Great little cameras - fab film! Time lapse is such a great way to condense a lot of info into a nice little package. Love the bees on lens moments. I've just put a pear tree pruning film on my blog - 20 mins down to 30 secs plus cutaways and captions. Love to know what you think. said...

I want a go pro.
We have native stingless bees. WE LOVE THEM!! Have you seen there hives ?? They are spiral. (Google sugarbag to see) we get a about 1kg of honey per year and we can divide the hive every year. They are so complex and do fascinating .

Unknown said...

Hey Brendan, great pictures. Which GoPro did you get? 2, 3? Thinking something like that would be cool for beachy bushwalking business. What do you think of the still shot abilities?

daylesford organics said...

Hi Francis. I have the go pro 3 black edition. I got that because it can take pictures while videoing which i wanted for aerial photography. It takes 12mp photos that are pretty good. But they are certainly a type of photo, very wide angle and you need to be very close. send me an email at if you want i can send you some examples. I am a bit obsessed with it at the moment.

The Desert Echo said...

We keep bees in a towbar hive in the city. I love them, they're fascinating. Collecting honey is almost an afterthought

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