15 November 2009

Copperhead snake.

We've had a visitor in the hothouse this morning.

Watch out Pobblebonks, the Copperhead's main diet is frogs.

I think that's a sign that its time to plant everything out now.


Leonie Guld said...

Bloody Hell !!!!! Is it drying up, was it looking for water?

belinda said...

Ahh, yeah I think that it's time to plant. Admittedly I am surprised I would have thought the last thing a snake would be seeking over the last few days is extra heat.

Happy Plantings

Tanya said...

oookay- so you were thinking- ooh, I must run and get my camera and come back? I would be thinking- I must run! Jack (9) was walking down to the neighbours farm last week to meet his friend half way (as they do) and next thing he was back with no friend and a very red face. "I saw a brown snake and it's head was raised- I stood still till it crossed the road then sprinted". Great decision makig I thought, I probably would have screamed!!

Beck said...


Debra said...

ouch...can i ask you what you make with your kale..?