05 June 2010

Daylesford Farmers' Market.

You never know who you'll bump into at the farmers' markets.

This morning two of our food heroes, Maggie Beer and Stephanie Alexander were doing the circuit at Daylesford.

Last week Joel Salatin popped by for a purple carrot.

And if you stand still long enough, you might get miked up for a segment on Daylesford for the Postcards show.

Alla Wolf Tasker told Shane Crawford all about why our eggs are different coloured, (they are laid by different breeds of chooks).

And of course there are our wonderful customers who come and see us in the heat and in the rain. You guys are the best, chuck out the rest. Thank you, you make it worth getting out of bed each Saturday.

Go and do your shopping at your local farmers' market people.
Meet and support the people who produce your food.
You never know who else might be shopping there that day too.


Tanya said...

When I grow up I want to be Kate ;)
Very cool people you've been hanging around with my dear xx

Cathie said...

well said Tanya, coolness to the MAX!!!

dillpickle said...

squeeeeal!! I'm so impressed with how composed Brendan looks!

Cherie said...

Oh WOW you'll take over the kitchens of the world any day now!! Such a treat to see good, hardworking, sweethearts like you and Bren receiving the acclaim you deserve from those in the know ... I'm so ecstatic for you both. Three Cheers ;-)

biobabbler said...

I misread Tanya's comment as "When I grow up I want to be Kale." =)

Chicken Willow said...

WOW, WOW, fantastic. I'm so happy for you both!! Looks like fun.

Wendy said...

I'm with Tanya! How cool are you guys?

Leah said...

I looove Maggie Beer. how cool!

jane fitchett said...

so glad Bren got a photo with the two ladies- my kids nearly fell over when they saw Maggie- they love her from 'The cook and the chef'.
Joe Salatin was featured on Landline today too- interesting guy.
Was great to see you yesterday- looking forward to the next time we visit and hopefully pick up some purple carrots!

Leonie Guld said...

Maggie and Stephanie TOGETHER....Oh...can't breathe, can't speak!!!! I would be an absolute hopeless mess meeting those to amazing would be so much FUN!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a day...WHAT A exciting!!