22 October 2010

To market - to market.

So it seems spring had finally sprung and our chookies are laying like crazy and we have lots and lots of the most wonderful and delicious free range, certified organic eggs.

Why don't you come and visit us at The Slow Food Farmers' market at The Abbotsford Convent tomorrow and get yourself a dozen or two.

The market is on from 8am until 1pm and is at The Abbotsford Convent, St Heliers Street, Abbotsford, Melways ref 44 G5.

See you there.


farmdoc said...

Dear Daylesford Organics
I wish you a successful 2010-11 produce season - starting with the 23 October market.
I hope it's your best season so far.
With much love to you all.
Farmdoc xxxxx

ZippyZippy said...

Look at farm boy, sweetening up all the ladies, all the best

biobabbler said...

Nice! Our chickens (northern hemisphere) are tapering off and a week ago I walked to the coop and it looked like a chicken exploded--just the feathers. After seeing that all were well, I thought, Gee, guess it's molting time! =) White feathers EVERYwhere, like snow. Hope your sales are great!