28 September 2013


Sorry about the typos in my last blog. I have since run it through spellcheck and found 10, (I can hear Kate cringing. She hates typos). But i will happily admit that I'm not a good speller and that I believe  spelling should actually be phonetic.

Thanks for all your comments, it was great to get so many for a newbie and I have posted replies to most of them in the last blog. I think that is what I will try to do if I can think of a direct reply and if not the questions will go onto a list that I will refer to for future blogs.

One last housekeeping thing and that is the blog layout. I'm not convinced it will stay, mostly because I can't get the photos as big as I'd like them, however there are some very cool features of this layout that you can try; On the upper left corner where is says classic there are another 6 layouts you can choose from to view the blog. My favourite is flipcard. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Ok, enough housekeeping.

I wish the clip above was a bit clearer and that I could have got a wider angle but I hope that it can still give you a bit of an idea of setting up of an enclosure for 200 chickens.

We have used electranets/electric netting/electric poultry nets, for close to 10 years now.

 I can't imagine keeping free range chickens without them. 

More later..


Farmer Bren.


Anonymous said...

The weather on the clip is great! Did you film that this morning? We're in Ballan and that is exactly how our day has been. Sunshine, coud, rain, sunshine, cloud, rain.
As for typos, meh. I hate them too when I make them but don't worry me in others works! And as for phonetic spelling, my first lecture in Linguistics I wrote down we would be learning finetics. ;) I had never seen the word written before.

Can this wire be used for heavier animals too? We're only on a 1/2 acre although we have a goat, several chooks and we hope to get a sheep for lawnmowing purposes. The chooks roam as they please but the lamb and the goat need a little more containment than just the yard fences.

Alli @ ducks on the dam said...

Hi Bren
Well done on your first posts. Dont stress about blog design - you will probably change it many times before you are satisfied.
Just flicking back through the posts - I think it was a Kate post about moving the chooks along and it says that you will have some of the chook netting available mid october. Is this still the case? We have finally jumped into the world of electric fencing and are keen on some for the chookies.
Thanks said...

I just texted Kate 2 seconds ago to tell her I think you made this blog look more blokey. In a good way. Spelling mistakes, typos? Keepin' it real.

Stel said...

Spelling, schmelling :-)

Looking forward to following your new venture @ Daylesford!

daylesford organics said...

Thanks for the support in the spelling department. As i type we have a 4 fence enclosure contating 200 chickens, 2 marema dogs, and 2 alpacas. We have done a very short trial on goats for some friends wanting to buy some fencing and they decided to get some based on that, but without any other first hand experience of other animals i cant really say. In the UK where our fence is made it is used extensively for im sure its worth a try.

daylesford organics said...

Hi Alli,
Yes we will be selling some by mid oct. It will be $350 per 50 mtr fence. I will have more details to come on the blog.

daylesford organics said...

thanks sentiments exactly..

daylesford organics said...

Thanks Kath, i reckon the blogosphere could do with a bit more blokeyness.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just wondering about the connections in the last photo, is that 2 positive terminals? Looking forward to reading more!

Lily Boot said...

I'm with you - I think the flipcard format is great! As a person living on a tramline in Melbourne with the constant whoosh of traffic and ding ding of the cranky tram drivers, anything you write about farming and life on the land is music to my ears. I love what you and Kate have built together - very inspiring - and am looking forward to seeing what your next adventure will be. I think that workshops are a great idea - my husband and I would be there!

Lady Lunchalot said...

Enjoyed reading your blog, and look forward tor eading more! (Ooops... typo...) You might be interested in another Aussie farm blog that I also enjoy that uses the same template as this one.

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