16 September 2009

Chooks Out, Chooks In.

Follow that path just a little bit further into the green clearing and there you'll find our flock of chickens that are now ten weeks old.

They are living with a flock that are about 25 weeks old and are doing really well.

Bingo the Maremma is happy guarding the chooks, although sometimes they make it difficult for him to enjoy his dinner.

Most of the time it is difficult to tell the 2 flocks apart. But look closer and you'll see the ten weeks old are smaller and their comb hasn't developed or filled with blood to make it red yet.

A ten week old above and a twenty five week old below.

Now the brooder is empty what are we meant to do?

Clean it out, restock it and send Bren off to the other side of Melbourne to pick up a new flock. This time we are getting three hundred one day old chicks and 25 ducklings.

Ooohhh, I can hardly wait.

Make sure you pop by later on to check out them out.


Leonie Guld said...

I love the shot of bingo trying to eat his tucker!! Poor dog ;)

Cathie said...

"awwwwwwwwwwww...chookens!!! we have chookens!" ♥

Meg said...

Me too Leonie! That photo is just the cutest.

farmdoc said...

It looks like Bingo's eating Brenno's chin for dinner. Surely he can can find something more tasty than that (just joking). xx

Christina Lowry said...

Awww... I want chickens. Can't wait until we can make the move from suburbia to the country and I can get my chickens! Will have to keep coming back here for now and pretending! :)

Jacqueline said...

But but but how are you going to name them all??!!!

Love their guard dog - hope he gets at least one meal in peace and quiet

sewing the seeds of love said...

I am getting an education , reading your blog ! Very interesting about how to tell the age with the comb sixe and colour .
x PJ x

Meg said...

Ha ha ha. This photo made me think of your chookens. xx