08 July 2009

Bringing Home The Chicks.

Thanks for all your comments regarding the title of my last post.
I wonder how many people were disappointed when they opened it.

So here they are, 200 one day old chickens.

The whites, Leghorn cross New Hampshires,

the blacks, Australorp cross New Hampshires,

and the browns, Gingerhams.

Once we have finished oohhing and aahhhing over them they go into their freshly fitted out house. 

We put the boxes under the lights and cut the boxes apart until they are flat.

Some of the chickens are adventurous straight away.

While others haven't even opened their eyes yet.

It's not long before all the colours begin to mix.

Better not forget to shut the door hey Pixie.


Saskia'sMama said...

ohh bless
so so cute. I can remember coming to play with last year's that really a whole year ago?
hope ur mac works better this time round.
love love

Beck said...

Oh my goodness...! To see so many gorgeous fluffy chicks all at's almost too much for me. How beautiful they are! x

Cathie said...

ohhhh, we love them, soo cute! thanks for sharing your gorgeous pics with us :)

farmdoc said...

'How To Pick Up Chicks' and then 'Bringing Home The Chicks'. I can hardly wait to see the title of the next post. xx

Jodie said...

Just gorgeous!!!! That sure is one hell of a contraption you have to house them in, I LOVE IT!!! Did DH make it for you??

Take Care
Jodie :)

indi said...

so cute!!!!! cant wait to meet them love indi XXXxxxxxXXXX

Saskia'sMama said...
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RoLuc said...

Internally I'm a four year old again, these pics make me feel very nice. I'd love to have chooks again. For the kids sake of course.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

I'm smitten. Completely and utterly smitten.

Love the title of the last post too.

Tania said...

LOVE the colour-coded boxes!