06 October 2009

Ducks out.

Even though the ducklings are only three weeks old today, the time has come for them to spend their days outside the brooder.

Our chicks generally don't go outside until they are four or five weeks old but these ducklings are entirely something else.

From their first night here they knew their own kind and even though they were sharing the brooder with 300 chicks they slept by themselves in a corner. How do they know they are ducks when they are so young?

They are growing so quickly and seem like they need more space.

And they are making a mess of the water they share with the chicks.

So it is time for the pool to come out again to enclose them.

For now these bins will be their day beds.

We'll put them back in the brooder tonight as it is still so cold here at the moment. I wonder if they'll be waiting at the door to come out tomorrow morning or if I'll have to chase them and catch each one to bring them out.


Michelle said...

They are so cute - I bet they are a noisy bunch...

Um, are they for eating?

Sue said...

Those ducklings are so cute! I bet they mess the water up a lot. My parents had a white duck in with the chooks when we were kids and he was so messy. It used to stink a lot too when it rained so dad used to cover the ground in lime and sawdust to get rid of the smell. After a few years dad had to get rid of them as the neighbours complained of the smell and the noise. I thought they were great and loved eating those eggs with the lovely yellow yolk. I keep forgetting to check the posts on this blog as I always read your craft one and forget about this one, isnt that awful. Must remember to read this one more often as I love seeing what your up to on your farm

RoLuc said...

Very River Cottage! Quack!

teddybearswednesday said...

I love those duckies!!!

ren said...

Aww I had a pet KC for ten years, Albert, she was beautiful. I had her from four hours old.
Your duckies are so beautiful :)

Tanya said...

I love ducklings- great photos