03 October 2009

Holy Goat.

Last Wednesday we went to visit Anne Marie at the Holy Goat organic farm and dairy outside Castlemaine.

First we played with the three week old kids. They sucked our fingers, ate our hair and clothes and played rough with us.

Then we met and went for a long walk with the one year olds. Each of these goats has it's name written on a tag around it's neck making it feel like they really are part of The Holy goat family.

Jazzy would only walk with Silver; and Indi and Pan bonded immediately.

It was a gorgeous day and we stopped along the way to pick daisies and make daisy chains.

Each day the Mother goats take their newborn kids on a long trek from the barn where they sleep, up to a higher paddock. We were lucky enough to have the job of carrying the kids back to the barn for the night.

There were lots of blowflies around so we checked out the cheese factory from the outside.

Lucky for us we were sent home with these gorgeous cheeses which we enjoyed on crackers for dinner.

We had a great day playing with the Holy Goats. Another highlight for me was this fantastic wallpaper I found in the toilet.

I hope the sun is shining wherever you are.


ZippyZippy said...

This looks like a lovely day!
Cute little kiddies too
Enjoy the weekend

Beck said...

What a gorgeous day! I love the little goat with the daisy chain necklace. We had goats when we were kids (ha!) and I remember Dad bringing them into the kitchen when they were just born. Lovely photos xo

teddybearswednesday said...

OH I love Goats!!! I love how they each have names and are like part of the family!!!
Beautiful post as always.

Lark said...

Ooh lucky you, I love their veloute cheese! Is that what its called? Sorry I missed you today x

farmdoc said...

Delightful post, Kate. What can be cuter than little kids playing with little kids. A few months ago I wrote here about the pros and cons of naming farm animals. One advantage is that named dairy animals produce more milk than nameless ones. I guess the Holy Goat people know that - by experience if not by reading the research results. xxxxx

Tania said...

Yum! Have just come over all mouth watering-like (at the cheese, not so much the goats although they look mighty sweet in a daisy chain).