05 January 2010

Mixed brambleberry jam.

Today I took these red, white and black currants and gooseberries,

I added sugar and stirred them over a hot flame,

and turned them into this jam.

Now I have to wash these dishes.


Corrie said...

look at that gorgeous colour will you! I don't mind a spot of jam making but oh to grow it myself! lucky you, well done, they look gorgeous!


Beck said...

That jam looks pretty delicious! Did you leave a vital ingredient out though? I couldn't see a two year old helper anywhere... x

Leah said...

looks delicious! do you use pectin? or just the berries themselves to thicken!? I always use it as I am too scared to not! I need to try without and I bet it will be fine.

Leonie Guld said...

Oh....can I lick the spoon?

Anonymous said...

Wow those beautiful berries. Your farm looks amazing, congratulations on your first open day. How do you keep up with it all?

Anonymous said...
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Christina Lowry said...

Ooooh, delete that last comment, it is spam for a rude website!

I just wanted to say I would clean the dishes in exchange for jam, but I may lick the spoon first! :)