17 February 2010

Heirloom beetroot.

Last Monday the Melbourne Food & Wine festival held their media and industry launch lunch at the Abbotsford convent.

Nicolas Poelaert from Embrasse restaurant created the main course (see above). It was john dory cooked with squid ink, burnt carrot puree, rice paddy herb and that magical colour was our Daylesford Organics heirloom beetroots.

Check out the tummyrumbles blog where the above photo came from for more amazing photos and reflections from the lunch.

These are what the beetroots looked like when we delivered them to Nicolas on Saturday.

We love having such close relationships with the chefs that create magic with the heirloom vegies that we feel so passionate about growing.

I hope you are having a fruitful and delicious week.


Corrie said...

oh wow just look at those beautiful colours! you must be so proud when you see it used like that!

well done

Sue said...

It looks like a piece of art. I have never seen the other colored beetroot apart from the purple ones. Do they taste the same as Isabelle LOVES beetroot so I wouldnt mind trying a new variety!

M* (Melanie) said...

*wiping my keyboard* How divine! Beets are one of my favourite vegies

Thea said...

I had no idea beetroot came in so many different colours. I love that photo!

rachel skrobalak said...

wow that looks so beautiful and glorious!

mellie from said...

..and let me just say they were the absolute highlight of the dish - jewels on a plate.

Thanks for the link!

Cherie said...

Words don't describe how beautiful these look - and the taste appears to be equally as delectable - Good On YOU guys ;)