08 February 2010

Lake House producers day.

We had a fantastic day at the annual producers' market at Daylesford's The Lake House.

The crowds started pouring in before I got a chance to write the prices on the signs and didn't stop until late in the afternoon.

We sold a range of colourful heirloom vegies including sweet onions, snow peas, sugar snap peas, coriander, zucchinis and rainbow radishes.

We sold certified organic wild blackberry jam and quince jelly.

We sold garlic and eggs and meringues.

We met lots of wonderful people, had many, many photos taken, swapped produce, discussed recipes, growing techniques and twitter and had fun.

If you missed out, why don't you come and see us this coming Saturday at the Collingwood Children's Farm Farmers' Market.


CurlyPops said...

Drats! I had plans to come and visit but couldn't make it in the end.
I hope it was wonderful!

Beck said...

Hey, sounds like it was a great day! Must get some of those radishes again, and are they red onions? Glad it was such a fun day,xo

Sue said...

Glad everything went so well Kate. Your produce looks fantastic.

RoLuc said...

Hey do you ahve any Blackberry Jam left? Can I pick some up this coming weekend.....not in Collingwood but at the front gate on Sunday?

Leonie Guld said...

Oh...It looks FANTASTIC!!!! And that dress....very nice indeed!! xx

teddybearswednesday said...

Look at all the beautiful produce. Yum! Will try to make it Collingwood this weekend. x

dillpickle said...

After gazing wistfully at your pictures, I read what you'd written and you know, we might actually make it to collingwood this week! It would be a miracle, but at this stage I can't see anything in the diary! Woo hoo!!

Jo said...

Finally, I remember to come over and have a look. You present it all so beautifully! Have you ever thought about doing a couli to go with the meringues ????

Corrie said...

waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh I want to move to melbourne again! it all looks lovely and just my kind of thing!
well done, so much work must go into it