11 May 2010

Scarlet runner beans.

We finished picking and selling the scarlet runner beans a few months ago. Over the season when we sold them to eat fresh we probably sold over a hundred kilograms.

Since then, we have left them on the vines to dry.

Today Liam picked the last of them off the vines.

Don't they look cute peeking out of their pod like that?

I think they are the most gorgeous looking bean.

Over the next few days we'll pod the beans, put our planting stock aside and then divide what's left into beans to sell and beans to use ourselves over winter.

The beans themselves can be used the same way you use any tinned or dried beans, in soups, stews, casseroles, pies...basically any winter dish you cook.

I've just eaten some for dinner fried up with some onion and garlic, a bit of tomato and some spices on toast. YUM!!


ZippyZippy said...

They look delightful, not sure if they remind me of little speckled eggs or lollies. We have never grown these, think we may try them later in the year.

pen said...

they are really incredibly beautiful

sean the prawn said...

I grow scarlet runner beans in my veg patch they are a fab bean.. the plant dies back each Autumn only to send up new shoots the next spring. I haven't tried them dried & in soups..I'll save some seeds next season.

Unknown said...

They look very yummy!

Valula said...

The kids and I sowed some runner beans in my veg patch at the weekend, it was the first time I had seen them in all their colourful glory - I was surprised, had just assumed that they'd be green.

Looking forward to picking them all through the summer :-)

melindatrees said...

wow, they are so beautiful.besides eating them id want to string them on a necklace.

Kim said...

You make me sick!

(green with envy)

Love_Again said...

i generally think all veggies are mega beautiful, but these are definitely one of the very prettiest varieties.

Chicken Willow said...

They're so pretty!

Jana said...

Lovley! Can you send me some? I'm in the States