25 May 2010

Weather @ Daylesford Organics

Do you want to know what's going on with the weather at Daylesford Organics at the moment?

If you click on weather at the top of this page, it will take you to a page full of information including the outside temperature, the amount of rain we've had (this will be updated soon), the bottom row (soil temp 1) is the temperature inside the cool room and you can even see the temperature inside our house.

You should definitely check the weather site before coming on the Walking the Talk tour this Saturday, so you know whether to wear your gumboots or your sunhat.

We had such a great time on the first tour last Saturday.

I just got this email from two of the girls who came along:

Dear Brendan and Kate,
Just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful tour on Saturday. So enjoyed seeing your beautiful farm and all that you have achieved there in 9 years - truly inspiring!!! Left feeling so grateful there are people like you, so passionate about what they do and willing to share it with others. My little one loved the chooks!!!! And eggs are delicious!!!
Kind regards,
Bryony and Maeve

Here are the details again;
Date: Saturday 29th May.
Time: 2 - 4pm.
Place: Daylesford Organics. 19 Foxs Lane Muskvale.
Cost: $20per person, 15yrs and under free.
Booking: Email
Hopefully: See you then.


wannabeafoody said...

Hi Kate, I stumbled upon this blog while I was searching for organic farmers markets in Victoria. I'm so excited to be moving back to Vic, and hopefully coming to see your farm.

I LOVE heirloom veges (cooking with), and love what you're doing. It's inspiring! I'll be bringing my 3yo daughter to come and have a look as well! Thanks for the inspiration guys!


Chicken Willow said...

Looks a tad wet. Are those veggies under the water going to be OK? Would so love to come!

Amy said...

Hi Kate - just returned from the states.. Man o Man the state of affairs and their food over there are in trouble. I thought it would have improved in the last 3 years - but it has gotten worse!

There is an organic movement, but there's so much dodgey "natural" and organic food that is still full of yuckies.

Makes me count my blessings for living where I do!

We rec'd our lovely parcel in the mail upon our return. Thank-you so much. Bax loves his caravan and Gretta was excited for her little toadstool too.

You are generous and wonderful for that. Good Karma is surely on it's way to you.

xx Amy

P.S. Embarking on the biodynamic egg market - got any thing I should know?

Julie said...

You could briefly rename yourselves Daylesford hydroponics?????

Cherie said...

WOW your walking tours look sensational. If I ever get south of the border I'm there for sure. Huge Congratulations for everything you're doing in producing beautiful produce. Here's to every single tour being booked out from now till when your feet get too darm tired - don't think that'll be too soon. You're both so fabulous. xo

yardage girl said...

Hi Kate! Just wanted to let you guys know that you're all over the press - in delicious mag, and today in A2! Good on you both - hope this weekend is a great one for you! Nic x