16 July 2010

From The Earth.

The boys have been picking and washing gorgeous heirloom vegies to send off to Circa The Prince for this year's Delicious Magazine's Produce Awards cocktail party on Monday night.

They picked rainbow carrots, white and yellow baby turnips,

as well as four varieties of beetroots.

Last year we were lucky enough to win the From The Earth category. This year we have been included in the list of finalists but will have to wait until Monday night to find out.

I have a gorgeous new frock to wear and now I just have to decide between last year's shoes or my Hunters, it is the produce awards after all.

Have a great weekend.


Beck said...

Ooh, a new dress! When I read the title of this post I immediately thought of the blessing that the kids use at creche. "From the earth, comes this food, that we share, with all of you" or something like that. So sweet. Hope all is well with you honey, missed you at drop off xo

Liz said... could wear the hunters but only if they co-ordinate!!! Can't wait to see pics, have a great time and good luck. All those gorgeous glistening veg make me hungry, yummy....

Chicken Willow said...

Beautiful veg Kate, my mouth is watering. Good luck.

Comfort over style always wins in my book!


Leonie Guld said...

Oh...the hunters for sure...didn't you know that green is the new black!!! GOOOD LUCK!!! xx

teddybearswednesday said...

Beautiful looking food. And a new dress, how exciting! I'd love to see it, I hope you are going to get some pics.
GO the Hunters I say but you can never go wrong with connies either. Good luck Kate and Bren!!!xo

dillpickle said...

They look like magnificent veges! If anyone beats you it will mean that their stuff must be unbelievable ;-)

PS did you see masterchef on Wednesday night? I saw what looked like a huge number of rainbow carrots on the benchtop in The Lakehouse kitchen... yours by any chance??

Julie said...

Hehe, I was checking out the Lakehouse ingredients too for some familiar DO vegies.

PS. Kate I've got some white rubber boots if you need an alternative colour.

daylesford organics said...

Thanks girls, they were our rainbow carrots on Master Chef the other night. We were all very excited here at Daylesford Organics HQ.

pen said...

wear the hunters!
very glamorous!

and good luck!

Kristi said...

your hunters. xo.

Cathie said...

very exciting! goodluck on Monday & yay for the rainbow carrots!!
love that the hunters got a photo opportunity too :)
hugs ♥

Aussie Maria said...

Good luck - the work's been done and the rewards will come ☺

Cherie said...

Wear whatever you like sweet Kate ... after all green is the new black. Good luck, have a marvellous time. You inspired my buying today ;-)