14 September 2010


Last September we brought home 26 Khaki Campbel ducklings.

They were so cute and fluffy and we looked forward to watching them grow and learning all about them.

So its been a year now since they've been living at Daylesford Organics and we're learning more about them everyday.

We do know that they are hardier than chickens, their poo is disgusting and sloppy, they love to swim, they make everything dirty especially their drinking water, their eggs appear to drop out of them wherever they are, they are extremely shy and wont come anywhere near us and we know that we can herd them from one area to another.

We still don't know how to get them to lay in any sort of nest. We have seen them swimming on the dam late at night and have no idea if they sleep there or if in fact they sleep at all.

This is the shed the boys built for them a while back. They take the wheels off it whenever they move it to ensure the ducks don't lay underneath. They don't sleep in it and they don't use the cozy, straw filled laying nest on the right side either.

We do know that we love hanging out with them and their bossy, quacky sisters.

And we do know that there are some women that buy duck eggs off us at market and adore them. They get so cross with us if we forget to bring them their fortnightly supply. And we do know that Chef Hat winning chef Andrew Dennis of A Perfect Drop in Daylesford, loves our duck eggs too. He uses them to make the most divine pastries.

Happy first birthday duckies!


farmdoc said...

Love that clerestory duckhouse.
And you. xxxxx

Leonie @ Cuppa and Cake said...

The only way we can get them to lay in there nest is to lock them up in there shed every night. We have to do it anyway because of those dam foxes!!!

teddybearswednesday said...

happy Birthday Duckies. Gee you've grown.
I wish you would help Bren and Kate out and lay in one place.
You are still very cute. xo

Christina said...

I heard on radiolab recently that ducks sleep with half of their brain and the other half stays awake, they also sleep in a row, the middle ducks getting full sleep, and the outer ones get half, then they move places in the row. It was rather interesting.

Anonymous said...

I dig ducks. Eggs really? When/how can I gets seom locally without a trip to the Collingwood market?

How good is this water Kate????

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate. Yes, ducks will just lay eggs anywhere and you're right, you can't make them lay in any particular spot. There will be some eggs laid in your dam for sure. Ours sleep inside because we lock them up (foxes) but they are often still awake if we go into the garden to pick veges for dinner in the dark. But, fabulous animals and 'I reckon' they're far superior to chickens. Btw, I don't know if you are planning on getting a drake, but definitely less is more.... Cheers, LizzieP