04 September 2010

Flooded farm.

Happy spring!

Its been raining and pouring here.

We've had 40mm of rain since midnight last night.

A dam up the road has broken its banks and the bottom of our property is under water.

This photo shows one of the reasons why we close the farm gate stall over winter. You'd have to get your bathers on to get to that little shed stall today.

The last time we can remember it raining like this was in 2003 when we'd just spent a small fortune redoing our driveway only for it to be washed up stream.

So today we are thinking about organic trout or organic rice.

And we are optimistic about the coming fruit and vegetable season.

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are.

Oh, and thanks so much Mitch for the great pics. X


Julie said...

I can see why you close for Winter!!! Very very wet here too, might have to teach the cows to swim yet.....

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh NO!!!
Hope you don't have to redo the driveway again xo

Sherri B. said...

Flooding can be so frightening..It can happen so fast. We have had flooding issues in the Pacific Northwest many times...I hope you get a breather from the rain so things can dry up.

Christina Lowry said...

Wow! That's a lot of water! Hope it eases soon.


Tanya said...

We usually get a few days warning of potential floods as water makes its way downstream. Are you cut off? We are joking that we will be right if we get cut off with a pig in the freezer and lots of preserves! Glad to hear your optimism Katex

farmdoc said...

The last photograph in this post made me think of the 'ford' in Daylesford.
P.S. I hope you stay warm and dry, dearest ones.

Valula said...

Wow - that is some water! Hope no major damage is done.

For the last two years our back garden has flooded (it's only an acre) but it was so deep that our little terrier went for a swim in it. I wasn't too bothered by the water until it caused the septic tank to over flow which in turn meant we couldn't use the toilets and eventually the sewage backed up into the washing machine. Wasn't happy then though!

Good luck and I hope it subsides soon.


Aussie Maria said...

Hope its just enough rain for a great start to your growing season, and a little along the way
If its not drought its floods - good old Oz ☺

Michelle said...

Gosh! And I thought our flooded driveway here in Canberra was bad enough!

Hope you're all staying high and dry and warm.

Cherie said...

Thinking of you Darlings down there - stay safe and warm and keep letting us know how you're doing. Huge Hugs to Y'all.OOOOO

Manda said...

far out brussell sprout! lets hope the earth soaks that up quickly, and grows you the best fruit and vegies ever. x x

Anonymous said...

How good was the rain! My tank is overflowing and the soil is drenched ready for Spring. Now all we need is some decent sunlight.

Christie said...

Hi! found out about you in the Herald Sun Put Victoria on your table liftout - glad I can now follow your adventures! Have you seen You can list the business on there for those of us who are looking to keep it local. All the best

Kylie said...

Glad to hear that you are safe though - There has been heaps of water around your way and more to come by the sounds of it - what a strange start to spring for Victoria.