16 March 2011


I know I haven't posted on this blog for a month, far longer than I had intended.

But do you mind if I start from here? Is it OK if I skip over the past few months that should have been full of vegies and harvesting and colour and excitement but weren't and start again from now?

The puppies are almost twelve weeks old now.

At six weeks old they moved from our back deck to an enclosure on the other side of our house. A couple of chooks and then some roosters were introduced bit by bit.

And then when their Mum Willow looked exhausted all the time and couldn't escape them, they took their first car trip down to the paddock and joined their Dad Nick and a flock of 500 chookies.

They have been running and chasing and playing and wrestling ever since.

They are getting a bit rough for Miss Pepper though, bowling her over and scratching her face. They must sense that we call her Puppy and want to play and wrestle with her too.

But for now its safer to play from this side of the fence.

The first puppy to leave us last week was a girl. The new owner is a ten year old boy who has started his own chook business. he decided to call her Joey which made me happy as that's the name we gave her sister when she was first born.

Its exciting and a bit sad to think that one day the others will be off on their own Maremma journeys. I hope when the time comes there will be less tears from the Farmer girls than last week.

So that's it, I'm back.

See you soon.


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

So good to “hear” your voice again. Moving forward is all any of us can do, so we will....

Killiecrankie Farm said...

Wish we were close enough to be put on your Mareema waiting list - our poor chrissie trees are getting flogged by wobbolies and the possum "hugs" are murderous.

Great tip on the garlic bulbils - have zillions of them this season and they just sprinkle on the shed floor (great for keeping away bugs at least!).

Julie said...

Oh Kate, those puppies are more than cute!!! I love that your little fairy wears gumboots with her skirt just like mine. :0)

Sonya said...

Those puppies are gorgeous, must be sad to see them go though

Maxabella said...

Good to see you Farmer Kate! It must be so hard to say goodbye to those pups, they are so beautiful. x

Chris Burrows said...

Me too I love the lovely fairy in her rubber boots; the pups are adorable and I am glad I live far away and could not be tempted.

fi said...

Oh my goodness they are so cute! i feel the need to get lots of chickens just so i can get a pup;)

Unknown said...

Thanks Kate! I needed that fluffy puppy fix.

And Miss Pepper in her tutu and gumboots - Hilarious!

Becky said...

Welcome back :)

littlekarstar said...

Those maremma pups are GORGEOUS! I'd love the space for one. Lovely furbabies!

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