21 August 2009

Chooks On Film.

This is a link to a segment on 9am with david and kim that was shown on TV last week. It is a lovely discussion between Bren and Alla Wolf-Taska and has some great footage of our chooks.

You might have to wait a minute for it to load.

Enjoy the video and have a great weekend.


Lark said...

Thanks Kate, I loved watching this. Your chooks lay the best eggs, they are so delish!

Allison x

Tammy said...

Thanks for the link ... I commented on a blog recently about getting a good feeling and knowing I had good true free range if I open up a carton to a rainbow of egg colours ... I love that, its an easy smile bringer. Have a lovely weekend guys.

Anonymous said...

Your chocks lay the best eggs, they are so delish..... Thanks for uploading.../.


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farmdoc said...

The stars of this segment?
1. Your chooks
2. Brenno
3. Everyone else.
Okay - so I'm biased.
Also, wonderful photo on this post, Daylesford Organics. xx

Meg said...

So cool!! Watching it, I kept thinking of that photo of Bren with his sunnies on that Indi says makes him look like a movie star.

Jacqueline said...

That's what I call true free ranging!! Loved seeing the chooks in the bush - that was just great. I would LOVE to have 300 chooks. Wonderful wonderful! We must visit your way next time we are down south.