18 August 2009

Daylesford Commercial.

The Daylesford Tourism ad is now being shown in every state in Australia except for Victoria. Apparently Victorians already know about and visit Daylesford.

It is a strange feeling to watch our town in this beautiful video.

It is so familiar but so foreign at the same time.
Last night I picked Indi and Jazzy up from that property she walks past with the gorgeous gates and later the lamps down the driveway, I had coffee a few days ago with the berry picking girl and walked around the lake last week. But I admit I have never been to the new spa center.

We delivered some carrots for the table laden with food but I can't find them in there.

I've watched it over and over this morning trying to find familiar faces and places but I can't separate from it to judge if it would make me want to visit Daylesford. What do you think? Do you like it? Would it make you want to visit us?


Cathie said...

it's a beautiful ad that's for sure! I saw a glimpse on the news I think. I just can't stop looking at Isabelle though to be able to take in the rest of the ad, she's stunning. It is beautiful though, what do others in Daylesford think of it Kate?

Leonie Guld said...

I think its one of the most beautiful adds I have ever seen, Its intelligent, smart, stunning, simple, natural, and elegant.....just beautiful.. If they are after a market that loves finery, relaxation, to experience the county life with a special type of well.....richness (not in a money sense) then they have hit the mark. It will stand out amongst all that other crap that is on telly. The music was just beautiful. Who ever did this, I think they got it 100% right!! and I hate adds!!

Lark said...

Did you look at the 'making of' video? I saw a few familiar faces in there, including your sister I think!


Anonymous said...

Its intelligent, smart, stunning, simple, natural, and elegant.....just beautiful.


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Anonymous said...


RoLuc said...

I love it! It's a bit of mystery...and Paris Wells is singing it, damn fine job she did I might add ;-)

Anonymous said...

Though I'll admit it was a great advertisement, my family and I sat at home baffled at what it was actually advertising. I think the music confused us a bit.....

Corrie said...

oh yes it makes me want to go! and its a long way for me to go and visit daylesford!!!


Grace said...

I actually think it's creepy. Yes, the old American baptist hymn does hook you and Isabel is gorgeous but ultimately the ad is confusing and unsettling.

And, for someone who's lived in Daylesford, I'm wondering whether the people who came up with the ad have actually been there because I can't, for the life of me, work out what it's trying to portray. Certainly I don't recognise much of Daylesford in it, to be honest.

Sorry, but I don't get it.

eddy carroll said...

Your blog, Megs blog and P.J's blog are the only advertising I need
and reading them all I pine for beautiful Daylesford.

Daylesford_Lover said...

I love Daylesford and have spent many wonderful hours there. I have spent many holidays there. I have met the most wonderful people there. However, I absolutely despise this advertisement. It has actually reached the point that whenever this advertisement comes on, I immediately change the channel - and that is something I very VERY rarely do.

I fail to see what it has to do with Daylesford - it's pretentious, confusing and, to my way of thinking, has nothing whatsoever to do with the Daylesford I know and love. If this advertisement was all I had to go on regarding Daylesford, I highly doubt I would add it to my 'must see before I die' list.

Apologies to anyone I offend by my opinion, however, it simply doesn't 'float my boat'.