09 May 2011

Dear Delicious magazine,

We are sad to have to inform you that Daylesford Organics will not be submitting an entry into this year’s Delicious Produce Awards.

In a world of celebrity chefs and chefs hat awards for restaurants, we think it’s wonderful that your magazine has an award that celebrates the producers.

Our win in the From The Earth category in 2009 and our gold medal in 2010 for our heirloom veggies have been among the highlights of our ten years in business.

Although the past growing season began with great promise, things soon changed. Our market gardens were flooded three times in four months; and we experienced high humidity, not enough sunshine or warmth, and so much rain we considered building an ark. By the time the locusts arrived there wasn’t anything much left for them to devour.

Last year we submitted a rainbow of heirloom vegetables to be judged. So many colours and flavours, shapes and sizes. This year we don't have any produce to pull out of the ground in the submission time.

We are most disappointed for ourselves as well as for the many other heartbroken farmers around Australia who have been affected by the crazy weather.

We hope the judging of this year’s Produce Awards goes really well. We look forward to sending our entry next year.

With best wishes,

Kate and Brendon

Daylesford Organics


Sophie said...

Great letter, I feel your pain. We are wheat growers (as well as beef, lamb and wool producers) and also operate a farm tourism business. The wheat and tourism have certainly been harshly affected by the past 12 months' crazy weather patterns. Wishing you a prosperous 2011/12! Sophie.

Thea said...

:( Otherwise, I hope you had a lovely Mother's day though with your gorgeous family. x

Cathie said...

wishing you the very best for the new season lovely family ♥

Tanya said...

hmpph. The ups and downs of farm life. I am sorry you wont be there this year too.

Anonymous said...

well that sure does suck! Feeling your hurt guys. xoxo

Killiecrankie Farm said...

Says it all and says it like it is Kate !

Shame you couldn't "just" enter your beautiful beetroot :)

I think your letter is so real - shows that vegies doen't just appear like magic, if only supermarkets just bought Aussie vegies, people would be more in-tune with their availability and the environmental impacts of growing rather then take it for granted that they have garlic (currently from Argentina) or onions (shipped from Italy).