10 June 2009

Crunchy cold

On some days we wake up and the world is white.
The ground crunches with each step.
On these days the world seems very still and quiet.

It is hard to believe the baby garlic shoots are hardy enough to survive.

But out on the edges the compost piles are steaming.

The air and the surrounding ground are close to zero yet the compost pile is cooking on the inside. Growing bacteria that will break down the raw materials and turn them into black gold, humus, fertiliser, soil nutrients, plant food, innoculant....compost.


farmdoc said...

This is a poetic and evocative post. And the photographs are almost as wonderful as the text. xx

Beck said...

Wow, how spooky!! Those steaming piles look very Doctor Who-ish. I have a funny image in my head of you creeping around taking photo's in the early mornning, stepping quietly so as not to disturb the compost! Ssshhh....

Meg said...

Makes me want to don my bikini and jump right in.

eddy carroll said...

Absolutely Beautiful, I held my breath the whole time I read this then let it out and wished i was there with the icy warm earth.

I love how you Blog