18 June 2009

Market Break

We have come to the end of our Farmer's Market season.

We have a long, cold Winter in these parts where the growing and egg laying slows right down.

We have had a wonderful season, our longest yet (by a month) and we picked up an extra market (Castlemaine) bringing us to four a month.

We have shared the dramas of bushfire and drought with our fellow stall holders.

We have grown, preserved and baked a huge variety of produce each week.

We have enjoyed meeting new customers and loved the interactions we have had with our loyal regulars.

We have had brilliant helpers who turned up in hail and pouring rain as well as sweltering heat.

Thanks Viv and John.

We have shared recipes, ideas, dreams and gossip.

We have been thrilled and disappointed.

So thanks for all your support, keep reading the blog for updates on what we are doing on the farm and we'll see you again at a Farmer's Market near you when the weather turns warmer and the days are longer.


WriterBee said...

It is such a pleasure to work on your market stall and chat with Bren and your lovely customers. I enjoy every minute of it. Each time I do it I learn more about growing and cooking vegetables - and I'm working on my arithmetic skills too.

Beck said...

How nice for you and Bren not to have to get up in the cold mornings! Even though you enjoy the markets it must be good to have a break too. Thanks also for your sweet comments tonight - keep warm xox

Petrus Spronk said...

A beautiful and very inspiring posting, just like you and your family, beautiful and inspiring. enjoy your break, see you in the soup