20 July 2009

NASAA Inspection.

Last Friday we had our annual NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia) inspection.

As a Certified Organic farm, each year we are visited at least once by an inspector who comes to ensure that we are complying with all the NASAA standards.

This inspector reviews all our records for the past year.
This includes all our planting, harvesting and sales records, as well as proof that everything bought onto the farm as an input was Certified Organic.

As farmers we love to have our hands in the dirt and are not necessarily the greatest record keepers. For days before the inspection the office desk looked like this as we gathered all the appropriate paperwork.

The inspector also has a physical look around and may take some tissue or soil samples to make sure there are no risks from contamination or other potential problems.
There are three elements that are linked in the certification process and they are the people, the land and the product. A combination of all three is an organic management plan.

For the past six years we have been Certified Organic with NASAA and have the license number 3500.

By the time the NASAA inspector arrived the office desk looked like this.

But its not all paper pushing here at the moment.

The chicks will be two weeks old tomorrow.
Their feathers are already starting to grow through their fluff.
Their eyes are wide open and they are eating and drinking.

They are still pretty cute though.


Leonie Guld said...

I understand this is a BIG DEAL for your business. I bet you have worked your but off for most part of the year to get your certification. Congratulations. Oooh and the chicks are super cute. Are they for eating or eggs?

RoLuc said...

It's annoying the paper work you need but at least punters have peace of mind that the label has value...The chicks still look super adorable!