13 July 2009

Rain and Hail.

We've been having crazy Wintery weather here for the past few days.


Rain and lots of it.
58mm to be exact.

Everything is dripping wet.
The grey skies make the colours more intense, more vivid.

The chickens are warm in their house though.

Except when we take them outside to play.

The creek has water in it for the first time since last Winter.
Maybe it will run again one day .

That patch of oats I was telling you about looks like it is enjoying the Wintery weather.

Lucky the garlic is enjoying it too.


Tania said...

See, this just confirms my suspicion that Daylesford has it's own micro-climate. With all that hail, it's no wonder you opted for the inside over the weekend!

Cathie said...

wow! hail, gorgeous pics Kate. ♥ your plants.

Tammy said...

Hi, your photos are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :)

farmdoc said...

Brrrrrrrrrr. So cold. And so wet. Makes me pleased I live in sub-tropical Tasmania - where it's always warm and dry. xx
PS Superb pics. But why do I write that - I've come to expect nothing less on your blog(s). What an inspiration you are.