27 July 2009

Listen Up.

Why don't you take your lunch break a bit later tomorrow?

From 3pm til 4pm Lindy Burns will be interviewing our friend Matt Wilkinson from Circa on The Drive program on 774am ABC Melbourne.

Matt will be discussing Put Victoria On Your Table.

He will talk to Jerome, a partridge farmer about selection and technique. Jerome was originally a chef who purchased his business from his game supplier.

Then he will discuss the chef/producer relationship with Daylesford Organics' own Bren.

It is sure to be interesting and informative so make sure you tune in.


farmdoc said...

For those fans of Daylesford Organics, if like me you can't receive 774 ABC Mebourne on your radio, you can stream it from here. I'll be listening, but it'll be during my afternoon tea - and not a late lunch. Ho hum - another week, another media appearance. I can hardly wait. xx

farmdoc said...

Great media work, Brenno. I know I'm not impartial, but I reckon you came across really well. Like an intelligent farmer should sound. And into the bargain Daylesford Organics got some fine exposure on State-wide radio. xx