20 December 2009

Pottiputki - the answer.

Ok here we are at the moment we've all been waiting for, about to find out what the pottiputki is.

But first let's look at the entries;
Christina said she thought it was a toilet digger. Great guess Christina! A digger, yes, a toilet, no.
Leonie thought it might plant seedlings. Yes!! Small trees are seedlings aren't they?
Mr H couldn't wait and Googled it. I don't blame him, I'd have to look up something with a crazy name like that too.
Cathie said something that makes holes for seeds. So close, not seeds but seedlings.
And Meg said a translation device that enables farmers to communicate with worms. No, but if you invent it, we'll buy it.

So this particular pottiputki belongs to Dave Griffiths of Geometree.

These are the last of the 2000 or so little trees that Dave planted in our new potato paddock last Friday.

And here we have Dave with his pottiputki.

Step one; He pulls out one of the little trees he is wearing on his hip.

Step two; He puts the little tree into the top of the pottipuki.

Step three; He puts the pottiputki where he wants to plant the tree.

Step four; He stands on the lever that releases the seedling into the ground.

Step five; He releases the pottiputki and stamps around the newly planted seedling.

Step six; As he finishes stamping around the newly planted tree, he reaches for the next tree to plant.

Dave spent about one day planting out six 80 meter rows. Each row is three trees wide. He worked alone, which goes to show how efficient the pottiputki is.

We planted Tagatasti, five varieties of Acacias and Tea Trees.

We planted them as shelter belts, to create a micro climate and as most of them seed prolifically they will provide fodder for the chooks.


Mr. H. said...

How very interesting to see it in action. I had never heard of this device before yesterday, thanks for sharing.

Leonie Guld said...

I new I had seen one of those before!!! the pesky Blue gum planters use them!!! I hope you get some super rain to give them a great start!

RoLuc said...

That Meg is a cracker! I'm still laughing at her idea. If only we could talk to the worms.

Christina Lowry said...

I'm glad I was half right! Maybe I should have cheated too! What a great idea for planting out all those seedlings. :)