17 December 2009

String line planting.

Its planting day today.
Before we start we have to run out the string lines.

The string lines work like ruled lines to ensure the planting is done in neat, straight lines.

Having straight plantings not only looks neater but it is also necessary for precision weeding.

Weeding is so much quicker and more efficient if you can go straight down a line without going in and out and around the plants.

String line done.

Let's get planting....carrots, beetroots, radishes, spring onions, turnips, parsley root, coriander and fennel.


Leonie Guld said...

Oh...I hope you got the rain...we have had LOADS!

emily said...


Is each line dedicated to one vegetable?

And do you have to plant produce that grows and ripens at the same time/rate in the one line?

I never knew.