13 December 2009

Red currants.

This year we are growing currants for the first time.

We have red, white and black currants.

We have delivered almost a kilo to a restaurant in Melbourne but I am keen to use some of them at home.

How do you eat your currants? Do you have any great currant recipes?


Tanya said...

I would go the classic red currant jelly and black currant syrup, I am hopeless at documenting preserving recipes so generally find new ones each season, which is nothing to be proud of! The pain about currants is that it seems to take so much picking to make a kilo. I don't know much about white currants- we sell them, but not as many as the other varieties and ours hasn't fruited yet. I am interested to see if you get any fantastic recipess!! I make a great (if I do say so myself) red wine jelly when there's loads of apples. It goes with meats- remind me to share it (that is one I wrote down!) at apple processing time.

teddybearswednesday said...

I'm not much of a cook so I can't help you with recipes but I do think blackcurrant jam is absolutely yummy, and maybe you could make you own Ribena, ( yum). There is also this fabulous liquer made from blackcurrants called casis, it's like alcoholic Ribena, that you put with champagne, it's really good. ( I had a few too many of these last Xmas, heehee!) It's french I think..

Hope that is some sort of of help.
PS can you tell I'm a bit obsessed with Ribena?

Elizabeth said...

Red currants will make a summer pudding sing, especially if you grow your own raspberries...Stephanie Alexander has the best recipe.