18 March 2010


Our sunflowers are finally in bloom.

We have rows and rows of them.

If you come by the farm stall in the next few weeks, we'll pick you a bunch.

Just be sure to come in your big car. The first customers to take us up on our offer had to drive home with their sunflowers hanging out the window.


sean the prawn said...

how do you keep the cockatoos away?
they look so pretty & cheerfull.

farmdoc said...

You, darling Kate, and your beautiful family, are a source of sunshine in my life - that sunflowers couldn't being to emulate. Thank you for that. And for your wondrous sunflower photographs too. xxxxx

Katie said...

such a nice thing to see on a dreary friday morning. Thankyou!

RoLuc said...

And what a lovely car to take away some sunflowers in!