13 November 2010

Mercurio's menu tonight.

I don't know about the rest of the world, but here in Victoria, Australia it is raining cats and dogs. We've had 33mm so far this weekend and it doesn't look like its stopping any time soon.

So when its so wet and horrible outside, what better way to spend the late afternoon than getting cozy inside and watching the episode of Mercurio's Menu filmed in Daylesford last March.

Its on channel 7 at 5.30pm tonight.

I blogged it way back here.

I wonder if you'll read my blog differently after you have heard my speaking voice.

Keep warm and dry out there and have a great weekend.


Tanya said...

Well- obviously your part of Victoria is very different than mine- I have been swimming this morning (okay, I will admit I was pushed in) but the kids were already in the channel and I was thinking about it. Been promised rain and thunderstorms but just bloody humid...will try and watch x

teddybearswednesday said...

Exciting!! Yep it's raining cats and dogs here too.
I've had to change clothes.
Well I do know you're speaking voice! haha xo

Cathie said...

arghh, just missed it!!
I know your speaking voice also so I can not possibly think of you any differently.

p.s our water tank is nearly full so we are loving the rain today

Amy said...

ugh - I missed it! Let us know if we can catch a replay anywhere!

have a happy sunday.

Christie said...

Saw this yesterday guys - you were terrific!!

Anonymous said...

such a great segment, what a gorgeous pair you are & those carrots & beans were Awesome.
Pete & I hope we can visit your Farm gate when it re-opens (incredibly hard to get nice garlic around here)
Such a lovely, clever girl you are Kate!