09 May 2009


The arrival of Autumn always makes me feel a bit sad. It means the end of warm, carefree, sunny days and, especially in this area, the arrival of a seemingly endless, cold and dark few months. But there are a few things I do love about Autumn...

I love the abundance of the harvest that is either sold or packed away in a cool, dark, dry place for use over winter.

I love making jams, jellies, pestos and sauces from berries, apples, quinces, herbs and tomatoes.

There is always something dripping through muslin or simmering on the stove. There are jars being sterilised in the dishwasher or heated in the oven.

It is most likely Autumn if you are asked if you want homemade blackberry jam, quince jelly or honey from our bees on your homemade crumpets.

I love that the stresses of bushfire and irrigation are minimal and that the worry about exact timing of planting and picking lessens.

Bren is inside more.

We cook and we bake more.

It is a calmer time.


Meg said...

What a beautiful post.

farmdoc said...


Doily said...

Hey Kate! the new blog looks just great! Keep up the good work!

WriterBee said...

Looks like paradise there in Autumn.

daylesford organics said...

Yum! Mum's quince jame is the best love Indi YUM! YUM! YUM! YUM! YUM! YUM! YUM! YUM! YUM!

emily b-sides said...

What a beautiful post!

Lots of love and yum,

Your admirer (and autumn baby).


Jimmy Trickle said...

Man I miss your apples! (and the whole Daylesford crew)

Just found your blog via Lark - congratulations on the award.
It's so good to see your vision coming to fruition. I know how hard you guys work!

James' Mum passes on news - and I was very relieved to hear you survived the fires.

Take care - Cate (n James) aka Manic Organic