28 May 2009

Picking carrots

We spent this morning picking carrots to deliver to the restaurants and cafes around Daylesford.

These carrots were planted last January and endured 40°+ days over summer and a bushfire that raced through the bush less than 500 metres from where they grow.

Pulling them up out of the ground often feels like a lucky dip.

You never know what size or colour you'll get.

As a bunch they are called Heirloom Variety Four Coloured Carrots.

Individually are called Purple Dragon, Orange Chantenay, Yellow Austrian Lobbericher and Belgian White.

After we had picked the amount we needed we washed the dirt off them.

Aren't they gorgeous!


Beck said...

Those carrots look scrumptious! I must remember to buy some next week at the Farmers Market. x

Meg said...

Whenever I bake a cake, our chooks come up to the front windows and peck at the glass. I'm doing the same thing to my computer screen now. YUM!

eddy carroll said...

You see better just by looking at them let alone eating them!