18 May 2009


I've had that Abba song in my head for days now...

"Honey honey how you thrill me aha honey honey..."

A few weeks ago Bren and Andy carefully removed a couple of frames from each of our bee hives being careful to leave enough for the bees to eat over the cold winter months ahead.

When the frames are removed the honey is covered in wax.
As the bees finish filling each cell in the honey comb they cover them with wax, this is called capping. They do this to protect and preserve the honey.

The first part of extracting the honey is to remove the cappings.

Using a hot, sharp knife you scrape them off.

We were lucky enough to borrow some old and beautiful equipment from a bee loving friend of ours Bria. Thanks so much Bria. XX

Two frames at a time are lowered into the spinner.

And then the handle is turned and the honey is spun out of the frames.

It flicks onto the sides of the drum, dribbles down to fill up the bottom and then out the tap ready to fill up the jars and be eaten on toast, in our porridge, on crackers, from a spoon....mmm

As for you Anonymous with the correct answer from last post.

You'll have to out yourself to claim your prize.


WriterBee said...

Doesn't WriterBEE from The Writing HIVE deserve a prize too?

farmdoc said...

Abba may be okay for you Daylesford Organics youngsters. But for us oldies, for a honey song you can't go past this one. Go, Carl Perkins!

WriterBee said...

a very scary article about insecticides killing bees here

Beck said...

That lovely honey looks very yummy! Great action shots. I did wonder what the mystery machine was doing but I didn't think of honey. Thanks for puttin that song in my head by the way...ahh! x

nikkix5 said...

I was anon as I'd forgotten my google password -sorry !

Love your blog & would visit your farm but I live in sydney