08 April 2010

Bren @ The Home Ideas Show.

We've just unloaded three of these pallet loads of egg cartons this morning.
Each pallet is made up of 28 bundles of egg cartons, each bundle contains 130 egg cartons which equals 3640 cartons per pallet. Which means, this morning we have unloaded 10,920 egg cartons and stacked them neatly into the shipping container for storage.

These cartons will eventually hold 131,040 eggs.

Are you interested in finding out some more information about the intricacies of running an award winning, certified organic farm?

Farmer Bren will be giving a talk and answering questions this Saturday the 10th of April at the Home Ideas Show at Jeff's shed. He'll be on the stage at 5.30 pm and will be discussing heirloom vegies and eating sustainably.

So why don't you come along?
Its sure to be interesting and if not you can poke funny faces at him and try to make him laugh.


sean the prawn said...

makes my chookys & their four eggs a day seem lame.

ZippyZippy said...

All the best Farmer Bren!