16 April 2010

Farmer Bren's talk.

Last Saturday night Farmer Bren gave a talk about heirloom vegies and eating sustainably at the Home Ideas show.

We took lots of coloured vegies with us for the audience to see and taste.

Bren got a bit excited at times about his beloved carrots.

And of course he did the boring radish,

exciting radish trick with the Chinese Watermelon radish. who sponsor the food stage filmed the talk and you can watch a few minutes of it below.

Finally, we at Daylesford Organics would like to congratulate our friends Nicholas and Tara of Embrasse restaurant on the birth of Louis. Welcome to the parenting adventure guys.

Have a great weekend.


ZippyZippy said...

Thanks for sharing.
Nice to Bren in real life moving pictures. Was pleased to see the camera man got back on the job after wandering off :)

teddybearswednesday said...

Thanks for this KAte and Bren. I love how excited and passionate Bren looks in those pics and he obviously gets over talking about your amazing produce. I do love it when people love what they do and get excited. Also loved the video and enjoyed learning how it all started, you guys have come an amazing long way! Big Hooray for you! xo

farmdoc said...

The lad's a natural. The tea leaves show more media appearances in the future, methinks.
Love & xxxxx