19 April 2010


Farmer Bren's hands are clean today because we're doing our tax.

Liam's hands are dirty because he's planting the last lettuces of the season.

And we're in the latest issue of Delicious magazine that came out today.

In an article called pick of the crop, Matt Wilkinson, state judge for the Produce Awards and head chef at Melbourne's Circa, the Prince, showcases our heirloom vegetables in a vibrant salad.

I hope your week is getting off to a great start.


Heartfire At Home said...

Tax..... arrrrggghhhh!!!! I don't like that word - ssh! Congrats on being featured in Delicious, that's FABULOUS!

Linda. xx

dillpickle said...

Congratulations!! My copy arrived in the mail on Tuesday and I opened it up for my first skim read and saw you there! I had to read it again just in case I was imagining things, but I was right :-) It's really quite brilliant, I think!