03 April 2010

School holiday fun!

Last Wednesday we hosted the local school holiday program for a day of farmyard fun.

We collected the eggs.

We dug for potatoes.

Bren taught them the chicken dance.

We dug for carrots.

Everyone was very excited to pull up bunches of multicoloured rainbow carrots.

Bren and Liam washed them.

And then we taste tested them.

A bit more digging.

This time we pulled up onions.

Some were more adventurous than others.

We finished the time here with some egg blowing and decorating but after they left us, the kids went back to the centre and made the best vegie soup ever.

We had such a great day.
Thanks for coming guys.


pen said...

I thought child labour was illegal........
looks like it was a fabulous day!
too perfect for words!

Tanya said...

You are brave!
Great thing to do, good on ya's!

teddybearswednesday said...

Looks like a fantastic and fun day.
Makes you want to be kid again. Any chance you do this sort of thing for adults too?xo

farmdoc said...

Wonderful post, Kate. You're doing such super things there on your '...amazing little farm punching well above its weight...'
I love all the photographs, but the chicken dance one's a classic.

Kieyul said...

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