28 October 2010

Buzzy bees!

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The blossom in our orchards is out, but the forecast for the next week's weather isn't great. It looks like today will be THE POLLINATION DAY.

Bees like still, warm weather.

Look at what a wonderful job that bee is doing. It is amazing that he be able to fly with all that pollen on his legs?

Go bees go! Pollinate the orchard, make lots of fruit for this season.

And thank you for the wondrous, important work that you do.

22 October 2010

To market - to market.

So it seems spring had finally sprung and our chookies are laying like crazy and we have lots and lots of the most wonderful and delicious free range, certified organic eggs.

Why don't you come and visit us at The Slow Food Farmers' market at The Abbotsford Convent tomorrow and get yourself a dozen or two.

The market is on from 8am until 1pm and is at The Abbotsford Convent, St Heliers Street, Abbotsford, Melways ref 44 G5.

See you there.

17 October 2010


Its that time of the year when everywhere you look there's something yellow.




A different wattle.

Yet another variety of wattle (yes, that's its Latin name.)

Is this a daisy, a cape weed or a dandelion?

Unfortunately we know too well that this is the dreaded gorse flower.


I hope your Sunday is a funday.

11 October 2010

The last few weeks.

Its been a crazy few weeks here at Daylesford Organics.

We said goodbye to our best friend for the past 12 years, Pixie. Pixie was the most loyal farm dog and we miss her immensely.

Last week Bren picked up 300 one day old baby chicks.

Its been a year since our last batch and I forgot how cute those little balls of fluff are.

And we picked up a new egg seller, Garden Organics, who are located in the Victoria Markets.

Thanks for the pics F.D.

So here we are in the middle of spring, the paddocks are finally drying out, the dams are full, the blossom is just beginning and we are starting to enjoy the fist vegies of the season.

Mmmm there's nothing quite like a frittata with new season's asparagus and garlic for lunch.

I hope this finds you happy and healthy whereever you are.