23 June 2010

Our cover boys.

Look at those gorgeous boys on the cover of this week's The Weekly Times.

I know you might think I'm biased, but it really demonstrates their special relationship perfectly. Look at the way Bingo has his leg on Bren's leg and the way they are staring into each others' eyes. Love it!

This morning when we were driving out to take the girls to school, one of the chook fences was down and Bingo was patrolling the border making sure none of his precious chickens escaped. One of the girls joked that the chooks wanted to head into town to buy the paper that they too were on the cover of.

This is what the cover looks like and no, the 'Mutton madness' has nothing to do with us. There is another photo and article on page four but the real, full length article will be in next week's issue.

Who would have thought that Victoria's mainstream rural paper, 'The voice of the country since 1869' would put a half page photo of an organic farmer on its cover? Good for you for moving with the times Weekly Times.

I made him pose for this photo when we went to buy the paper this morning, but I wish I'd also taken one of the excited newsagent staff reading their copies and telling us what a great photo they thought it was.

Last week's The Weekly Times also had this photo of Bren and Joel Salatin accompanying an article about Joel's visit to Daylesford.

And I just found this photo on their website taken at last Saturday's Show Grounds Farmers' Market.

Phew, what a great week for Daylesford Organics in the news. The scrap book is getting fatter. And all of this without paying a publicist, yay!

I hope you are having a great week out there.

17 June 2010


Our farm gate stall is now officially closed for the season.

Today seems like such a perfect day to close as we have had more than an inch of rain over night and the temperature now at 11.53am is 3c. The farm is muddy, wet and freezing cold.

We have had the most fantastic season since we opened for the first time in January.

We have loved having you here walking through the rows of vegies, discussing growing techniques, recipes and menus. We have loved meeting those of you who came from far and those who were excited about the small amount of food miles from our place to yours.

We loved passing on our knowledge and doing tours for the old,

and the young.

We met celebrities,

were featured in the media,

and made great use of the scales.

I think my favourite was the guy who handed Bren his shopping bag and asked him to fill it with ingredients for a stir fry for four people.

So a HUGE thank you from us to you.
Thank you for supporting us and helping to make our dream a reality.
Thank you for walking through the rows of vegies to the stall.
Thanks for asking and caring about where your food comes from.
Thanks for appreciating great, in season, local and organic.
Thank you for emailing us when you got home to tell us how much you loved the experience.
Thank you for tuning Indi's guitar.
I could go on and on...

So until January when we reopen the stall, come and see us at Collingwood Children's Farm or The Abbortsford Convent Slow Food Farmers Markets.

And keep checking this blog for updates of what we are doing here on the farm, tour and course dates and anything else we find relevant.

09 June 2010

Henny Penny.

We are into the second week of winter and it is cold and wet in this part of the world. According to the weather station it is currently 4.2C outside. Brrrrrrrrrr.

This is the time of the year when all our flocks of chooks get moved to higher ground or to areas where they can get inside the hothouses.

We've been taking so many photos of the chookies lately trying to get a great one for our new egg carton labels that are being designed at the moment. If I didn't know any better I'd think they were posing.

Aren't they gorgeous!

Our chooks are laying like crazy at the moment. Every chance we get we are heading to the egg room to roll a few more through the sorting/weighing machine.

The boys are getting through quite a few of them at lunchtime every day but we still have a cool room full.

We'll be at Collingwood Childrens' Farm Farmers' Market this Saturday from 8am til 1pm with dozens and dozens of our free range, organic eggs, why don't you come by and say hi and get some for yourself?

Hope to see you then.

ps. Happy Birthday Roscoe! XX

05 June 2010

Daylesford Farmers' Market.

You never know who you'll bump into at the farmers' markets.

This morning two of our food heroes, Maggie Beer and Stephanie Alexander were doing the circuit at Daylesford.

Last week Joel Salatin popped by for a purple carrot.

And if you stand still long enough, you might get miked up for a segment on Daylesford for the Postcards show.

Alla Wolf Tasker told Shane Crawford all about why our eggs are different coloured, (they are laid by different breeds of chooks).

And of course there are our wonderful customers who come and see us in the heat and in the rain. You guys are the best, chuck out the rest. Thank you, you make it worth getting out of bed each Saturday.

Go and do your shopping at your local farmers' market people.
Meet and support the people who produce your food.
You never know who else might be shopping there that day too.