10 March 2012

Foxs Lane.


I've been struggling lately to work on both my blogs.
So for the moment I have decided to blog almost all of the time at Foxs Lane.
I'd love you to come and join me over there.

Just click on this link:

See you soon. x

16 January 2012

Market report.

We're back at farmers' markets.
We're starting the season at Collingwood Children's Farm farmers' market on the second Saturday of the month and will see how we go.

We packed the trailer and drove down to Melbourne.
We woke up really early and drove to the farm.
We took our usual place between Warialda Beef and Baw Baw Organics.
We put up the marquee and the tables and signs and prettied it all up with some bunting and table cloths.
We caught up with and chatted to fellow stall holders.
And then we drank coffee and waited for the gates to open.

We had the most wonderful market.
We caught up with so many friends old and new.
We ate pancakes and spanikopita and icy poles and ice cream.
We bought a whole crate of food for home.
We swapped lots of produce for eggs too.
Miss Indi worked on our stall and Miss Jazzy and Miss Pepper worked with Anne Marie at Holy Goat.
And we sold out of eggs before the end of the day.
We loved it.

The next Collingwood Children's Farm farmers' market is on on the 11th of Feb.
More details here.
We hope to see you there.

In the meantime there's a fantastic recipe for Herby Whole Egg Mayo on Ruth's blog today.
Check it out here.

See ya. x

05 January 2012

currant cordial.

1kg currants.
500gms sugar.
500gms water.
1 lemon - juice and skin.
(half the quantities works just as well too.)

Wash/sterilise bottle.
Place currants, sugar and water in a saucepan on the stove on a low heat.
Stir occasionally until the sugar melts.
Add the juice of the lemon and the skin.
Simmer for 5 - 10 minutes.
Stand aside to cool.
Pass mixture through a strainer.
Enjoy with sparkling water and ice. Yum!
Enjoy with a shot of vodka. Yum!
Keep refrigerated when not in use.

From all of us at Daylesford Organics, we wish you the most wonderful, happy, healthy and bountiful 2012. xx