21 April 2010

Chasing chooks.

It was a perfect Autumn evening for a stroll.

And then a chicken flew over the fence and made a run for it.

And then we made a run for that chicken.

Almost got her.

Finally she was caught.

And then she was examined,


and sung to.

What a lovely evening for chasing chooks.

19 April 2010


Farmer Bren's hands are clean today because we're doing our tax.

Liam's hands are dirty because he's planting the last lettuces of the season.

And we're in the latest issue of Delicious magazine that came out today.

In an article called pick of the crop, Matt Wilkinson, state judge for the Produce Awards and head chef at Melbourne's Circa, the Prince, showcases our heirloom vegetables in a vibrant salad.

I hope your week is getting off to a great start.

16 April 2010

Farmer Bren's talk.

Last Saturday night Farmer Bren gave a talk about heirloom vegies and eating sustainably at the Home Ideas show.

We took lots of coloured vegies with us for the audience to see and taste.

Bren got a bit excited at times about his beloved carrots.

And of course he did the boring radish,

exciting radish trick with the Chinese Watermelon radish. who sponsor the food stage filmed the talk and you can watch a few minutes of it below.

Finally, we at Daylesford Organics would like to congratulate our friends Nicholas and Tara of Embrasse restaurant on the birth of Louis. Welcome to the parenting adventure guys.

Have a great weekend.

09 April 2010


We have been shortlisted for the Vogue Entertaining + Travel Produce Awards for 2010 and this is a photo of the produce we are sending to Sydney for the final judging next Monday.

Last year we won the From The Earth category for our heirloom vegies and won a gold medal in the From The Paddock section for our eggs.

Its hard to believe that a whole year has passed since we were in the middle of all this last year. Its all a bit exciting.

To taste some of this gorgeous certified organic produce, come and visit us at the farm stall here on Sunday, or come to Collingwood Childrens' Farm farmers' market tomorrow. To listen to Farmer Bren talking about heirloom vegies and eating sustainably, come to Melbourne Exhibition Centre tomorrow night at 5.30.

Hope to see you soon and have a great weekend.

08 April 2010

Bren @ The Home Ideas Show.

We've just unloaded three of these pallet loads of egg cartons this morning.
Each pallet is made up of 28 bundles of egg cartons, each bundle contains 130 egg cartons which equals 3640 cartons per pallet. Which means, this morning we have unloaded 10,920 egg cartons and stacked them neatly into the shipping container for storage.

These cartons will eventually hold 131,040 eggs.

Are you interested in finding out some more information about the intricacies of running an award winning, certified organic farm?

Farmer Bren will be giving a talk and answering questions this Saturday the 10th of April at the Home Ideas Show at Jeff's shed. He'll be on the stage at 5.30 pm and will be discussing heirloom vegies and eating sustainably.

So why don't you come along?
Its sure to be interesting and if not you can poke funny faces at him and try to make him laugh.

04 April 2010

Sunday at the farm stall.

Bren's Mum asked me to do a post showing what produce we have in season at the moment, so I thought I'd take you on a tour of the farm stall today and show you.

We have basil,

rainbow carrots,

Rainbow chard/silver beet top left and rocket just in front of it.

We have pullet eggs, large eggs and extra large eggs.

We have turnips,


red onions,


and four more varieties of onions.

Not in the photo but also available are beetroots and radishes.
Coming soon are potatoes, swedes and kale.

I hope you are having a great weekend.

03 April 2010

School holiday fun!

Last Wednesday we hosted the local school holiday program for a day of farmyard fun.

We collected the eggs.

We dug for potatoes.

Bren taught them the chicken dance.

We dug for carrots.

Everyone was very excited to pull up bunches of multicoloured rainbow carrots.

Bren and Liam washed them.

And then we taste tested them.

A bit more digging.

This time we pulled up onions.

Some were more adventurous than others.

We finished the time here with some egg blowing and decorating but after they left us, the kids went back to the centre and made the best vegie soup ever.

We had such a great day.
Thanks for coming guys.