28 September 2013


Sorry about the typos in my last blog. I have since run it through spellcheck and found 10, (I can hear Kate cringing. She hates typos). But i will happily admit that I'm not a good speller and that I believe  spelling should actually be phonetic.

Thanks for all your comments, it was great to get so many for a newbie and I have posted replies to most of them in the last blog. I think that is what I will try to do if I can think of a direct reply and if not the questions will go onto a list that I will refer to for future blogs.

One last housekeeping thing and that is the blog layout. I'm not convinced it will stay, mostly because I can't get the photos as big as I'd like them, however there are some very cool features of this layout that you can try; On the upper left corner where is says classic there are another 6 layouts you can choose from to view the blog. My favourite is flipcard. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Ok, enough housekeeping.

I wish the clip above was a bit clearer and that I could have got a wider angle but I hope that it can still give you a bit of an idea of setting up of an enclosure for 200 chickens.

We have used electranets/electric netting/electric poultry nets, for close to 10 years now.

 I can't imagine keeping free range chickens without them. 

More later..


Farmer Bren.

21 September 2013

A new start


After staying off the web space for all these years, i am here..

Yes its farmer Bren here..

Up til now kate, my farmer wife has been the online voice of daylesford Organics. She has spoken here with such a beautiful and confident voice that i am in awe of her talent, even if she continues to be one of these artists that wont see and admit how good they are..You just have to read a few comments on foxslane to see how much her voice is appreciated.
I love her more than anything in the world. She inspires me and keeps me alive and happy. I believe that together we can achieve anything we put our minds to.

So why am i sitting here typing a few words (more than i have in a long time).

Maybe because i am searching for a next step for me.
Maybe because i might be able to help others in some way.
Maybe because there are things on the farm scene that need to be said.
Maybe because like her i have so much in my head that would be better out there..It seems to be therapeutic for her.

So here goes..I'm not sure if i can be anywhere as committed to writting as she is and when i will find the time to be here but i will see how it goes.

So what can i offer you here..
Well possibly like michael Lunig said recently.."It's hard to have your fumbling experimental thoughts, your vulnerable thoughts, you're half-formed inconclusive ideas, but they are vital". When i read this it sounded like he was giving me permission to farm the way i do, and maybe..I'm not sure yet.. i should share this with you.

I think that as there are soooo many things farm related i could go into but i will leave it up to you where i start.
Poor Kate gets so many questions on a daily basis about farm/garden /chook related issues that i feel i should start my blog or "farmlog" (i do love making up new words), by answering some of your questions or requests for topics.

So go ahead. What do you want to know?

I don't by any means profess to be an expert but i can share my experience and thoughts on many matters,  as i try to do my best to work with nature in a way that will enhance life for all involved.

Farmer Bren.

11 September 2013

moving the chooks along

This Friday the Blackwood flock of chickens, above, will leave our farm and make their home on another organic farm a couple of hours away.

I'm guessing that apart from the drive, the Blackwoods wont notice much of a difference between their old and their new homes at all. They'll travel along as usual dust bathing, eating, drinking, scratching for bugs, laying eggs, hanging out with their hen buddies and when dark comes, they'll even go to roost in the same houses they have since they came to live with us a year ago when they were one day old.

Our lives on the other hand will be very different indeed. 

The Blackwoods are the last flock to leave our farm and for the first time in years we will be down from 2,000 chooks to just 200. From 10 Maremma dogs to two. From two wonderful farmer boys to none.

This Friday marks the next stage in our organic farming adventure.

We're excited (and a little bit scared), we're happy (and a little bit sad), but we're really ready.

Hopefully our extra time will be spent trying to find a bit more of a self sufficient balance. Making, growing and doing more, and buying less. Hopefully scaling down the business will mean we'll have more time for other plans. And hopefully someday soon, the places we deliver to will stop calling us the egg man and lady.

So it is with much happiness for them and for ourselves that we farewell the Blackwoods.

Stay tuned for the next adventures.


PS We have a pallet load of poultry netting, as seen above, arriving from England any day now. Available for sale mid October. Please watch this space for details if you are interested.