04 June 2009

Home from Tasmania

We had a wonderful time in Tasmania visiting my Mum and Dad.

We visited The Honey Farm and The Wildlife Park, we made up and watched performances, played with the toys I had as a child and my girls laughed their heads off at photos of me and my sisters when we were children

We fed their goats, sheep and Pete the Dog,

We hiked to Lobster Falls (don't mention the wrong turn and the biggest hill you ever saw on the way back,)

we visited The Mole Creek Caves,

attended Ra's baking school and loved the end results,

and had a break from routine which enabled us to catch up on a few things.

Thanks Bee and Ra, we'll be back again soon.


Beck said...

What a wonderful time you had! I love the rolling, green hills and the waterfall. Just beautiful. As are your squares! You are very good at knowing what colours to put together..can't wait to see what you have made for the market! See you soon x

farmdoc said...

You are oh so welcome. I enjoyed every moment of your time here. Here is my take on your visit. xxxxx

WriterBee said...

And ditto from me, Daylesford Organics.Here's what I wrote