10 January 2010

Scenes from the farm stall.

So ace to meet you and the family Emma.

Can you see me crocheting under the blackwood?

A most unwelcome guest. Indi named him Simon.

It was a ridiculously hot day today. The customers were few but so lovely.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


farmdoc said...

Superb photos once again, Kate.
How does Indi know the spider's a boy and not a girl?

belinda said...

I have Simon's cousin over here camped between some sliding glass panes. I have opened and shut that window twice in the last couple of days and it's still decided that is the best spot to beat the weather.

Kind Regards

Cathie said...

lovely pics Kate, love the garlic shots especially!
stay cool tomorrow ♥

Beck said...

Simon can be a girls name actually. I also once knew a girl called Jeremy. We have a few of Simon's relatives creeping around the house. I hope they stay away from my bed. Love the photo's too, surely it's not the Lumix? Keep cool honey x