04 April 2010

Sunday at the farm stall.

Bren's Mum asked me to do a post showing what produce we have in season at the moment, so I thought I'd take you on a tour of the farm stall today and show you.

We have basil,

rainbow carrots,

Rainbow chard/silver beet top left and rocket just in front of it.

We have pullet eggs, large eggs and extra large eggs.

We have turnips,


red onions,


and four more varieties of onions.

Not in the photo but also available are beetroots and radishes.
Coming soon are potatoes, swedes and kale.

I hope you are having a great weekend.


pen said...

i'm thinking kale with roasted organic chicken and gravy...... (sorry vegetarians)
when will it be ready???

sean the prawn said...

would buy it all if I was in the neighbourhood...Happy Easter!

bee said...

It all looks so scrummy! Wish I lived a bit closer, I'd be there very single week:)
I just sowed seed of Broccoli Raab three days ago and already I have little shoots appearing, I've never tried it before but can't wait til it's ready for harvest!

Miss Claude said...

when are you sending the rainbow carrots down to the nest in Armadale. Claude is getting quite impatient! and that Durston comment. eating a bird. we used to be friends you know! well done miss Kate. all would make the most incredible vegetable soup.

Thea said...

I grew up in a Fruit Shop and thought that I knew all my fruit & veges but I've never seen rainbow carrots before. Do they taste the same as orange carrots? I learn so much from your blog :)

Christina said...

I think i am sold on those rainbow carrots, so beautiful.