17 June 2010


Our farm gate stall is now officially closed for the season.

Today seems like such a perfect day to close as we have had more than an inch of rain over night and the temperature now at 11.53am is 3c. The farm is muddy, wet and freezing cold.

We have had the most fantastic season since we opened for the first time in January.

We have loved having you here walking through the rows of vegies, discussing growing techniques, recipes and menus. We have loved meeting those of you who came from far and those who were excited about the small amount of food miles from our place to yours.

We loved passing on our knowledge and doing tours for the old,

and the young.

We met celebrities,

were featured in the media,

and made great use of the scales.

I think my favourite was the guy who handed Bren his shopping bag and asked him to fill it with ingredients for a stir fry for four people.

So a HUGE thank you from us to you.
Thank you for supporting us and helping to make our dream a reality.
Thank you for walking through the rows of vegies to the stall.
Thanks for asking and caring about where your food comes from.
Thanks for appreciating great, in season, local and organic.
Thank you for emailing us when you got home to tell us how much you loved the experience.
Thank you for tuning Indi's guitar.
I could go on and on...

So until January when we reopen the stall, come and see us at Collingwood Children's Farm or The Abbortsford Convent Slow Food Farmers Markets.

And keep checking this blog for updates of what we are doing here on the farm, tour and course dates and anything else we find relevant.


farmdoc said...

Your family, your friends, your customers, your local community, your nation, and your planet thank you, Daylesford Organics. You can't help but inspire everyone who knows you, or knows of you.
Thank you.
In admiration; and with much love.
Farmdoc. xxxxx

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

What a great post, sounds like the right time to close for the season. I really enjoy Paul Mercurio's cooking show, always delicious & hey, 3 girls like you & me (but i got the boy in at the end). Happy Spring Time, love Posie
PS how spooky, my word verfication is BrenGati - bit too close to BREN & farmGATe don't you think??

Chicken Willow said...

I bet everyone who visits regularly will miss having the stall open. Don't let it get too dusty. xx

Sonya said...

I think you have the BEST farm gate display. I can't believe how cold it is there... stay warm, Sonya

ZippyZippy said...

We got our visit in just in the nick of time! Keep warm and I love your slide show, captures the feel perfectly

Leonie Guld said...

Don't ya just love your dad!!!! What else needs to be said.......nothing...he said it all!!

Christina said...

Lucky I dropped by, I was thinking of a day trip visit, please bring a little Jam to the Slow Food Farmers market, Im jam obsessed and Blackberries are out of the shops now. I could trade you some marron glace "jam". : )

Sonya said...

Re the soaps... I'm seeing David Holmgren this week in Melbourne, so I'll give them to him to give to Su to drop off to you... Sonya

Miss Claude said...

Just when I'd finally planned a trip up to your gorgeous part of the world on July 3rd!
Will just have to see you at the markets.
Miss Birdie x x

christina said...

Got our Jam! Its lovely stuff,we got straight into it the minute we got home from the market. Thank you so much for bringing some along : )