08 July 2010

10 things.

10 things I love about farmers' markets - in no particular order.

1) I love that feeling of setting up the stall first thing in the morning and then stepping back and feeling amazed and proud that we've grown such gorgeous produce.

2) I love our wonderful helpers. Thank you John, Rene, Viv, Roscoe, Danielle and Mark! We couldn't do it without you. XX
3) I hate the feeling of knowing that the health inspectors are doing the rounds of the market. But I love it when they tick all our boxes and walk away.

4) I love selling our wonderful, colourful, tasty produce to people who care about and appreciate good food.

5) I love how every market we sell at has its own personality. I'm not sure if its the mix of stalls, the market managers or the different sites. But I do enjoy attending all the different markets we do.

6) I love thinking up exciting and innovative things for the littlies to do while we are selling our wares.

7) I love that most of the markets we do, and almost all of the stall holders at these markets, have been accredited by the VFMA. This means the public can be confident that the stall holder they are buying the produce from actually grew or made the product.

We buy and swap so much of our groceries from the other stall holders at the markets we attend and feel absolutely certain that we are buying the best there is.

In this photo Simone (market manager Daylesford Farmers' Market and Melbourne Show Grounds Farmers' Market) is awarding us our accreditation certificate. Yay!

8) I love it that our customers care about where their food comes from. They quiz us on how it was grown and how they should store it. And they discuss what they are planning to do with it.

Some growers sell their produce to middlemen/wholesalers. I cannot imagine not having this connection and feedback from our customers. We look forward to it.

9) I love that you never know who you'll bump into at the farmers market. So many of Melbourne's top chefs come and visit to find suppliers for their restaurants. As well as other celebrities, people I went to school with and family and friends always pop in too.

10) I love it when its all gone.

Please support the people who grow your food.
Come to your local farmers' market and say 'hi'. We'd love to meet you.


ZippyZippy said...

Lovely shots and lovely post :)

Cherie said...

Can I have a home delivery please? Ahhh if only ;) Hope you have a bumper weekend and go home with only big smiles and money ;-)

pen said...

love all the points but especially loved #6....
too cute!

mel @ loved handmade said...

What's not to love!! I've been telling hubby about your gorgeous business & he's so inspired (being the foodie that he is). We'll have to meet you at one of these markets one day very soon...hope your weekend is a grate one!

mel @ loved handmade said...

.sorry, typo...that's 'great'...

dillpickle said...

Hope to see you there tomorrow!

Chicken Willow said...

Great post Kate. I love all your points and the photos are brilliant. Would love to know some of the things you think up for number six. xx

Manda said...

its a great thing you and brendan are sure your vegies must taste delicious with all that love in them xo

WarialdaBelted GallowayBeef said...

love having you as 'neighbours' when we are at Collingwood Farmer's Market...more than happy to swap your eggs for our beef :)