16 October 2009

Ducklings and chicks on the move.

The ducklings and chicks are just over four weeks old and have been making a terrible muddy mess of their yard so it's time to move them onto some greener grass.

Liam drives the brooder over the pile of straw.

But had to stop when we realised one had fallen through the floor.

Got it!

Pixie helped round it up.

Liam drove over the straw, Bren made holes for the wheels,

and then Liam reversed the brooder into them.

They look pretty happy with their new patch.

Although some chose to stay inside (if I were a chook, I would definitely be one of the inside ones).

So far the chicks and the ducklings are getting along really well together but we are constantly amazed at how much quicker the ducklings are growing.

We are currently searching for another one or two adult maremma dogs that have been bonded to chooks to protect this flock. If you have any contacts for maremma breeders please email me

Thanks, and have a great weekend.


Kitty said...

I've been researching this too lately. There's this lady north of Shepparton - Rosemarie McCarroll - 03 5865 5267.
Or details for the Working Dog Club - Ms Pam Tayler 5967 3284 - in Don Valley. They might have a list of breeders.
Or there's maremma rescue victoria -

Have you thought of using alpacas? They too can do the trick & they really hate foxes.

Good luck!

Thea said...

I just read the info on your link to maremma dogs. I am fascinated by them and that they can bond to protect different species, including penquins. I guess you do have foxes and such in your area?

Jacqueline said...

If you can't find a dog I'll do it!! I think I'd be in heaven all day looking at these little watching them grow and the ducks are like giants compared to the chickens!