25 October 2009

Ducks in the grass.

Last Wednesday morning when Bren went to change the water in the brooder he noticed a bit of blood on the wings of one of the ducklings.

Upon closer inspection he noticed that the ducklings, now five weeks old, are growing their wing feathers. The chicks must have noticed too because they were pecking these new feathers causing the duckling to bleed.

It was time to separate the ducks and chicks and as the ducks seemed much hardier and bigger they got to get out. Bren and Liam fenced off a large grassy area that surrounds the brooder.

Ducklings are so sociable always waddling around or lazing about together in one big group.

They did take a little while to get the hang of the faster group waddling and would trip each other up a fair bit at first.
My ducklings love watching the feathered ducklings.

They were so funny making several passes of the pool/pond but not actually slowing down or looking at it.

Then finally they stopped to have a drink.

And then a few dived in and splashed about.

After a while they decided it was time for a bit of a rest.

We still put them back in the brooder every night for warmth and protection but each day they seem to explore further and get more confident.

Thanks for visiting us at the market today Deb, Aaliya and family, it was ace to meet you.

I hope you are having a great weekend whereever you are, whatever the season.


Cathie said...

they are beautiful!!! now I want a duck to add to the family :)
Deb & her family are gorgeous aren't they!

hope you & the family have a great day today Kate ♥

meetmeatmikes said...

Oh I love this little story! What a lovely time you have up there... sigh. xx

Beck said...

What a wonderful photo story, I love the way the duckies passed the pool, stopped for a sticky beak and then hopped on in. Aren't they funny creatures? So full of personality. I think that's why I like ducks so much. Your ducks are pretty adorable too! xo

Meg said...

So gorgeous!

Just watched this with Zeph and thought of yours. xx

farmdoc said...

Wonderful photographs of the ducks, Kate. They remind me of politicians - because they move in a group, toeing the party line as it were. When it comes to a choice between party faithfulness or truly representing their constituents, the chinless and spineless pollies choose the former every time. On the other hand, chickens are independent, with a less well developed mob instinct. If only they could sit in parliament...

Tammy said...

Thanks Kate was great following along their little journey.

Sue said...

Oh they all look so cute, and they seem to lead an idyllic life having a little swim and a snooze!